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For the past four years I have come to NFMT to find either a product or technology for my property. All four years I have come back with what I was looking for. Keep it up NFMT."

QuickFire Sessions

Join leading equipment and service providers for 20 minute presentation directly on the expo hall floor. These presentations are designed to get you up to speed with the latest technology and trends from the vendors directly.

QuickFire Schedule

Tuesday, March 7

12:30 PM

Steam Coil Cleaning: The Hot New Thing

Pure AirResearch on heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems has indicated that microbial contamination is an immediate problem when it concerns the indoor environment and human health. A study has been performed to determine the effectiveness of steam cleaning latent clogged debris from on or within evaporator coils of an HVAC that is restriction airflow, as well as causing poor air quality.

Speaker: Fred Schaaf

1:00 PM

Air-cooled vs. Water-cooled Chillers

DaikinThe latest air-cooled chiller systems offer lower total cost of ownership with improved efficiency, reduced maintenance, and markedly less water consumption than variable speed water-cooled chiller systems. From a comprehensive view, today’s generation of air-cooled chillers are presenting an undeniable alternative and strong overall value in the 300 to 1,000-ton range, where larger water-cooled systems once reigned.

Speaker: Lindsay Nguyen

1:30 PM

DexArmor: The Future of Floor Maintenance

DexerialsChemical stripping, waxing, burnishing, buffing, wash and repeat. Does this slow sluggish cycle of floor maintenance sound familiar to you? Want to save time and money? With DexArmor’s UV (ultra-violet) technology, one coat lasts much longer than traditional wax solutions and achieves a sleek look, but without the slip. Saving money for your budget and time for your employees. Break the sluggish cycle and learn how to maintain your floors at the speed of light.

Speaker: Jared Oliva & George Camacho

2:00 PM

Got Risk? View, Track & Manage All of Your Fire & Life Safety Inspection Reports With Ease

VFSVFS Fire & Security Services is a full-service fire and life safety company. Our inspection program called LiNC brings together State-of-the-Art technology and first-rate customer service. We will show you how LiNC keeps it SIMPLE and make it effortless for our clients to manage all their inspection reports whether they have a single facility, or an entire portfolio of properties nationwide. View, Track and Manage all your facilities’ inspection reports in seconds!

Speaker: Mario Lopez

2:30 PM

Mobile Building Management Systems

PCVueBMS consolidates building automation systems such as safety, security, electrical distribution, HVAC and lighting. Historical approaches for mobility solutions to monitor, diagnose, maintain and control facilities are being revolutionized by advances in contextual mobility. The PcVue Mobility Infrastructure enables facilities operations and maintenance workers to automatically receive contextual information and controls to their mobile device based on their role and physical location without requiring specialized hardware.

Speaker: Ed Nugent

3:00 PM

Understanding Floor Joint Repairs: The Key to Saving Money and a Safe Environment in your Facility

DaikinIndustrial Caulk and Seal is the premier authority on the East Coast regarding repairs and restoration on industrial and commercial concrete floor slabs. This session has been specifically designed to educate owners and facility managers on damaged floor joints including root or underlying causes, and should serve as a comprehensive guide to reliable repairs in an effort to eliminate wheel damage and lost product and insure a safe, productive work environment.

Speaker: David V. Botley

Wednesday, March 8

11:30 AM

Securely Managing Your Facility’s Assets from Floor to Fleet

InforFacilities management is definitely NOT a one size fits all specialization. Each facility is unique and the challenges you face as a facility manager can vary widely. We will present insight into cloud capabilities and leading technology designed to streamline facilities asset management from the plant floor to the fleet of vehicles available with Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management.

Speaker: Joe Arthur

12:00 PM

Implementing NFPA 70E 2015 for Arc Flash Safety

Lewellyn1. Learn how OSHA and NFPA 70E work together to protect employees.
2. Learn what an effective electrical safety program should include.
3. Learn how to ensure you have qualified employees.
4. Learn how to manage the changes with NFPA 70E.

This presentation will deliver a practical solution for how to implement NFPA 70E at your organization. Jay Smith will offer tips to accomplish your goals.

Speaker: Jay Smith

12:30 PM

Quick Payback: How Energy Incentives Can Reduce Your Simple Payback

Pepco & DelmarvaJoin us as we share how energy efficiency incentives have helped our commercial customers reduce their simple payback on equipment and system upgrades while increasing their bottom line. The presentation will include:
• Questions and Answers
• Customer testimonials
• Estimating project cost savings, energy savings, maintenance savings and the cost of doing nothing

Speaker: Brooke Smallwood

1:00 PM

Maintenance Management Software and the Internet of Things

SomaxJoin us as we discuss the past, present and future of Maintenance Management Software. We will demonstrate how SOMAX uses the Internet of Things to capture real-time actionable information from your facilities and integrates that information into your Maintenance Management Software. By consuming this data into your maintenance management software, you can continuously monitor your assets and equipment, eliminate unnecessary PM inspections, and create actionable information that is delivered instantly to technicians via mobile devices.

Speaker: Jay Wright

1:30 PM

ACTIVE ARCHIVE SEMINAR: Interactive Dashboards to Manage Facilities Information

Sponsored by: ARC Document Solutions

ARCPlan sheets, warranties, O&M manuals, maintenance logs, equipment lists, inspection reports, emergency procedures, as-builts: Do you know where each of these documents is located? Could you find them within 10 seconds? Learn how organizing your critical facilities documents into an effective active archive will boost efficiency and team productivity by creating a single-source for your facilities documents accessible from any device wherever you are at any time.

Speaker: David Trask

2:00 PM

Solutions for Safer Roads and Walkways during Winter from Cargill Deicing Technology

CargillCome and hear about SafeLane® surface overlay’s anti-icing properties, where you get safer pedestrian walkways during hazardous winter conditions as well as long-lasting surfaces that help protect infrastructure from damaging chemical corrosion. Safety and winter maintenance also impacts your parking lots and roadways. WinterPave® asphalt anti-freeze provides a proactive solution just for that concern as an anti-icing asphalt additive that disrupts adherence of hard pack and ice to the asphalt at low temperature conditions.

Speaker: Adam Donegan

Thursday, March 9

11:30 AM

Roofing 101 with DDP Roofing Services, Inc.

DDPIntroduction to commercial roofing with a focus on who we are (DDP Company History), what we do (Repair, Replace and Maintain) and why it is you should choose DDP over the other qualified roofers out there. Our corporate vision is to operate as the premier roofing service provider in the Eastern U.S and to provide and maintain our high standards of customer satisfaction.

Speaker: Chet Haifley

12:00 PM

Eliminate Drain Stink-Bugs and Trap Primers

RectorSealSureSeal is a proven trap seal device that blocks drain stink and bugs from entering the building through the floor drain without using water.

Speaker: Rick Ensley

12:30 PM

Justifying the Cost of CMMS

E-MaintenanceThe benefits of CMMS solutions are numerous, and help organizations better manage, monitor and control maintenance operations, resources, equipment and compliance. Come find out how you can save money by improving daily processes with a CMMS, learn a concrete way to calculate your return on investment, and understand how to effectively communicate these benefits to your organization.

Speaker: Greg Perry

1:00 PM

Condition Based Maintenance Solutions

FlukeWhether you’re looking to establish preventive or condition-based practices or simply maximize uptime, you can now do it with an easy to use, wireless system. The Fluke Connect® system offer a full solution from Bluetooth enabled test tools to portable condition monitoring that send data to a user-friendly software interface. You can view equipment data and make informed decisions from anywhere, anytime. Attendees who want to improve operational health will find value in this talk.

Speaker: Frederic Baudart

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Booth #2356

The world's largest junk removal service, commercial/residential junk removal.

Booth #2696

Professional building surveyors producing expert floorplans - PDF, 3D models.

Booth #2468

Flood restoration, structural drying.

Booth #2245

Facilities management, maintenance, and repair services.

Booth #1122

Innovative fire protection solutions and award-winning customer service since 1975.

Booth #1516

Able provides solutions for real estate operations.

Booth #2526

ABM provides building maintenance and facility solutions.

Booth #2342

Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, Roof Restoration, SPF Roofing Systems.

Booth #1205

Electrical power and energy metering solution for sub-metering, branch circuits and energy storage; Wireless RS485 network Solution: Facility Energy Management System.

Booth #2041

CDC Anti-Clog #1 Preventative maintenance condensate drain pan treatment.

Booth #1827

ACP Facility Services provides complete janitorial services.

Booth #2531

Sustainable and renewable liquid applied roofing systems.

Booth #2457

Association of energy engineers Baltimore chapter.

Booth #2485

Clean Air, Cleaner Facility. AeraMax Professional commercial-grade air purifiers

Booth #1120

Components for wet and dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems.

Booth #2557

The Baltimore Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Baltimore).

Booth #2684

Air handling unit and cooling tower restoration.

Booth #1823

The world standard for destratification 10YrIcon

Booth #2036

Temporary HVAC. American engineered. American made. Sales and Rentals. 10+Icon

Booth #2603

CAT generators, UPS, ATS, Switchgear and service. 10+Icon

Booth #1705

Reliable, efficient and sustainable heating and cooling solutions.

Booth #2123

Portable electric massager.

Booth #2579

Custom "invisible" storms for historic, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Booth #2585

American Energy Services upgrades and retrofits of LED Lighting.

Booth #1407

CAD + CAFM Software and Services.

Booth #2488

Entrance matting.

Booth #1612

Manufacturer of interior and exterior sign systems.

Booth #2558

High performance glass, windows, curtain wall, storefront and entrances

Booth #2349

PTAC units designed for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements.

Booth #2246

Safe and sustainable solid-concentrated water treatment products.

Booth #1425

Energy management solution for commercial properties

Booth #2010

Get access to facilities information anytime, anywhere on any device.

Booth #2636

Conversion of paper documents and drawings into digitized formats.

Booth #2373

Concrete coating, repair and waterproofing.

Booth #2240

External building envelope consultants, roof consultants. 10+Icon

Booth #2109

Power transfer switches, paralleling switchgear, loadbanks, surge suppression.

Booth #2451

High Performance Door Systems.

Booth #2371

Washroom Accessories for Division 10 Construction or retail

Booth #2556

Safety equipment for automated doors and gates, safety mats.

Booth #2009

The global leader in door opening solutions.

Booth #2672

Energy saving window film, decorative film, safety/security film.

Booth #2645

Furniture, tables and chairs.

Booth #2269

Removable and reusable Insulation Kits valves and fittings.

Booth #2687

AUTOBrine® automatically manages water conditioning systems salt brine levels.

Booth #2401

Building automation systems and energy management. 10+Icon

Booth #2416

Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management platform.

Booth #1729

Pest bird control.

Booth #2625

Innovative, IP based video surveillance and access control solutions.

Booth #1922

Evaporative cooling towers, fluid coolers, condensers, ice thermal storage.