Biggest West Coast Facilities Management Expo Hall: NFMT Vegas

NFMT Vegas Expo Hall Schedule

Tuesday, November 1

11 AM–3 PM

Wednesday, November 2

11 AM–2 PM

Quick Fire Sessions

New in the NFMT Vegas Expo Hall. Join leading equipment and service providers to discover What's New and What's Changing with rapid-fire presentations designed to get you up to speed with the latest innovations in just 20 minutes!

Tuesday, November 1

11:30 AM

Maximize Housekeeping Cost Reductions using Leadership Skills

Gabriel First Corp

Presented by: Gabe Zanche

The Quick Fire session will explain how leadership needs to function in order to cut labor and material costs up to 50% or more. If you are willing to apply "outside-the-box" thinking to your housekeeping management challenges, come join us. The presentation is 9 minutes and the rest of the session will be open for questions.

12:00 PM

Air-cooled vs. Water-cooled Chillers

Presented by: Lindsay Nguyen

The latest air-cooled chiller systems offer lower total cost of ownership with improved efficiency, reduced maintenance, and markedly less water consumption than variable speed water-cooled chiller systems. From a comprehensive view, today’s generation of air-cooled chillers are presenting an undeniable alternative and strong overall value in the 300 to 1,000-ton range, where larger water-cooled systems once reigned.

12:30 PM

Innovating Maintenance and Testing Technology for Emergency Lighting

Presented by: Leila Sedighi

In interest of public safety, the US Life Safety Code 7.9 outlines the obligations of building owners/managers, in relation to Emergency lighting and Exit signs, to ensure the safe evacuation of occupants in an emergency. Complying with Safety Code requirements can be very expensive and labor intensive, especially in large building where testing requires many labor hours spent manually inspecting every emergency light. However computerized monitoring system has been designed to enable maintenance personnel to easily maintain the emergency lighting system without having to walk through the building.

1:00 PM

Condition Based Maintenance Solutions

Presented by: Frederic Baudart

Whether you are looking to establish preventive or condition-based practices or simply maximize uptime, you can now do it with an easy to use, wireless system. The Fluke Connect® system offer a full solution from Bluetooth enabled test tools to portable condition monitoring that send data to a user-friendly software interface. You can view equipment data and make informed decisions from anywhere, anytime. Attendees who want to improve operational health will find value in this talk.

1:30 PM

5 Hottest Trends in CMMS

Presented by: Greg Perry

The world of CMMS is constantly evolving in order to meet and exceed the increasing demands of the end-user. Persistent research, development and innovation aids in delivering software that improves your return on assets and drives profits to the bottom line. During this Quick Fire Session, Greg Perry, CRL, Senior Consultant at eMaint, will give insights on the top trends in CMMS including predictive technology, mobile usage, interactive mapping, and more!

2:00 PM

FILTERSCAN WiFi Monitors: The Efficient Way to Maintain Air Filters

Presented by: Robin Zoufalik

Typically, owners, managers, and service techs use the calendar to schedule air filter changes. Unfortunately, a fixed replacement schedule is inefficient. Change the filter too soon and you waste filters; change it too late and you increase energy costs and risk damaging your system. The innovative and low cost FILTERSCAN WiFi air filter monitor makes your filter change process SMART - reducing waste, maximizing efficiency, and improving IAQ; and it can even text you.

Wednesday, November 2

11:30 AM

HVAC, IAQ and UVC Source Control

Presented by: Robert Scheir

Indoor air contaminants are found in buildings as a result of the growth of microorganisms on the coils and in the drain pans of A/C installations. Ultraviolet light in the “C” band (UVC) eliminates this source, improving indoor air quality, equipment operating efficiency, saving energy and reducing infectious organisms generated in the occupied space and disseminated through the air handling system.

12:00 PM

Mobile Building Management Systems

Presented by: Ed Nugent

BMS consolidates building automation systems such as safety, security, electrical distribution, HVAC and lighting. Historical approaches for mobility solutions to monitor, diagnose, maintain and control facilities are being revolutionized by advances in contextual mobility. The PcVue Mobility Infrastructure enables facilities operations and maintenance workers to automatically receive contextual information and controls to their mobile device based on their role and physical location without requiring specialized hardware.

12:30 PM

"Prepare Now" Disaster Response Plan

Presented by: Craig Powers

Disaster Response Plan: a complementary program ensuring over communication is met prior to a disaster happening in a commercial property. Our Disaster Response Plans (DRPs), are a proven tool that helps alleviate stress during the un-timely event of a loss in a building. This type of risk management has been a proven resource for our clients, and for us. For each DRP, our dedicated management team sets up a time with the building owner or manager for a site survey, where we'll walk the space(s), to take a look at the building's key components, & its environment.

1:00 PM

Harnessing LED as Intelligent Energy Infrastructure

Presented by: Sunil Frida

With environmental standards and energy cost savings in mind, businesses are adopting LED technology at an increasingly rapid rate. But LEDs offer much greater opportunity than efficient illumination. Connected LEDs are the key to intelligent building management, from analyzing and optimizing energy use across systems, to driving new outcomes and revenue streams. Learn how combining sensors and software with LEDs can help customers of all sizes and industries better manage energy while gaining valuable insights and creating new operational opportunities.

1:30 PM

Maintenance Management Software and the Internet of Things

Presented by: Jay Wright

Moving forward with mobility and Integration of real-time data to more effectively manage your facilities. Join us as we discuss the past, present and future of Facility Maintenance. We will demonstrate how SOMAX uses the Internet of Things to capture real-time actionable information from your facilities and fully integrates that information into your Maintenance Management Software.

Exhibitors You Will See at Exhibitors


Video Showcase
Exhibiting Company
Booth #

Booth #407

Variable frequency drives for fan and pump speed control.

Booth #620

America's largest family-owned and privately held provider of engineering, janitorial and facility services.

Booth #625

CDC Anti-Clog #1 controls growth of slime forming bacteria in your drain pan.

Booth #831

The Association of Energy Engineers, Nevada Chapter.

Booth #725

Specialized products for wet & dry pipe fire sprinkler systems.

Booth #108


Booth #432

Door locks ADA hardware washroom accessories sinks faucets LED lights.

Booth #423

LED Lighting upgrade and retrofit

Booth #817

5S, concrete grinding and polishing, high performance epoxy, distribution & aerospace, sanitizing cleaning of equipment.

Booth #820

Aquatherm pressure pipe systems evolve PHVAC problems like nothing else.

Booth #802

Facilities information management solutions and services, document scanning, archiving information management.

Booth #401

ASCO Critical Power Reliability and Best in Class Technology.

Booth #530

Event and Facility Furniture

Booth #428

A premier USA manufacturer of fine filtration vacuums and filters.

Booth #721

We Relocate Birds.

Booth #109

Axis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world.

Booth #707

BACnet® International is an organization that encourages the successful use of BACnet® in building automation and control systems.

Booth #525

HVAC, Refrigeration, Ice Thermal Storage, Power and Process equipment and Aftermarket parts and service.

Booth #830

Energy solutions through cloud-based HVAC and lighting control.

Booth #832


Booth #421

Power Metered Panelboards containing metering and control on each circuit.

Booth #314

Manufacturer of bariatric and other plumbing products.

Booth #116

BirdBuffer is a safe, effective method of repelling pest birds.

Booth #633

Bissell new indoor/outdoor sweepers

Booth #706

Software/publications/internet services/construction support services/project management.

Booth #415

Official Media Sponsor of NFMT Vegas.

Booth #223

The simplest retrofit to LED, save 87% in energy consumption.

Booth #214

Rental cooling, heating, dehumidification and power. 10+Icon

Booth #611

Specializing in Asset Reliability, Maintenance Management, and Management Training.

Booth #316

CentiMark is North America' largest commercial roofing and flooring contractor.

Booth #215

Chemours (formerly DuPont) highlights Freon(TM) MO99 (R-438A).

Booth #126

The FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor eliminates guesswork from filter servicing.

Booth #615

Club Car supplies dependable utility vehicles to facilities managers worldwide.

Booth #529

Commercial specialty cleaning and disaster restoration services.

Booth #131


Booth #607

Power/telecom/AV connectivity WITHOUT core drilling.

Booth #829

Distributor of ALL brands of door hardware with superior technical support.

Booth #131

Booth #216

Engineering, architecture, materials science.

Booth #606


Booth #207

Daikin Applied manufactures technologically advanced commercial HVAC systems.

Booth #328

Beautiful, Durable Composite Roofing Tiles for the Discerning Property owner.

Booth #332

Automated perimeter vehicular gate operating systems.

Booth #112

The Standard for Energy and Power Measurement.

Booth #400

Dyson Airblade hand dryers and Jake Dyson Lighting

Booth #814

Reliable indoor and outdoor lighting and controls solutions.

Booth #821

Manufacturer of energy efficient lighting fixtures and retrofit kits.

Booth #120

The leader in Power Monitoring & Smart Grid Solutions.

Booth #514

#1 Rated Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Booth #106

Empire® provides installed flooring - carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, porcelain & vinyl.

Booth #510

Easy to use EAM/CMMS software.

Booth #320

Why Repipe? We Fix Pipes IN-PLACE.

Booth #424

Turnkey provider of office furniture and furniture related services.

Booth #521

High-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers.

Booth #632

World leading manufacturer of fabric air dispersion systems.

Booth #130

Facilities Management Maximo User Group (FMMUG) provides educational workshops for Maximo.

Booth #415

Official media sponsor of NFMT Vegas.

Booth #531

Single ply roofing.

Booth #623

Energy-efficient LED high bay fixtures for commercial and industrial applications.

Booth #516

The world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools.

Booth #808

Simplified building management solutions that make modern buildings easy, efficient and affordable.

Booth #104

Environmental health consulting, industrial hygiene testing for hazardous building materials, mold, legionella and more

Booth #729

UVC Systems for HVAC and Ice Machines.

Booth #533

Achieve More While Spending Less The Gabriel TQH® Housekeeping System Has Your Success Build In.

Booth #110

Sign displays and poster stands for your printed materials.

Booth #129

Manufacturers of surface protection solutions for glass, metal and solid surfaces. We specialize in precut anti graffiti films for public areas.

Booth #217

Commercial, Residential & Industrial Roofing contractor for over 45 years.

Booth #330

Quality maintenance, repair, and operations products.

Booth #125

HiLumz USA offers US manufactured LED retrofit kits and luminaires.

Booth #121

Clamp meters, digital multimeters, power quality analyzer, ground testers, data loggers.

Booth #117

Industrial-quality, high-efficiency LED lamps, luminaires, and retrofit kits.

Booth #520

HVAC, Fire Life Safety, Testing & Balancing and Commissioning.

Booth #229

IFMA is the largest international association for facility management professionals.

Booth #807

Energy Management Solutions.

Booth #329

Manufacturer of Synchronized Time (clocks) and communications systems (PA & messaging)

Booth #309

Aerial Work Platforms.

Booth #614

Non-Penetrating Fall Protection Systems, Guard Rail, Anchor Points, Fall Arrest.

Booth #231

Manufactures plastic and metal identification tags.

Booth #824

KEYper Systems®z designs, manufactures and supports our patented Mechanical and Elite line of electronic key and asset control systems key control systems.

Booth #228

Providing temporary and temp-to-hire industrial workers nationwide for 41 years!

Booth #828

Mobile, Temporary & permanent fall protection systems.

Booth #300

LED troffer Retrofit Kits, High-Bay/Retrofit Kits, Vapor Tight Luminaires.

Booth #324

"What costs you money? Disorganization and lack of access to critical documentation and information."

Booth #222

Leonardo Academy is a nonprofit that helps companies advance sustainability.

Booth #506

Arc Flash Services, Combustible Dust Services, and Training.

Booth #325

Screw in LED retrofits replacing HID lamps

Booth #305

Manufacturer of architectural, commercial and industrial emergency lighting and exit signs.

Booth #809

Luxer One's lockers automate site-to-store pick-up, increasing your store's productivity.

Booth #628

OSHA Compliant Exterior Building Maintenance systems - new or existing buildings.

Booth #302

Mac's Rail Lift for electric Carts and burden carriers.

Booth #100

Maintenance Connection is the leader in computerized maintenance management software (CMMS).

Booth #511

Manufacturer complete line of mortise, commercial, tubular, dead locks

Booth #815

Provide service sales support for all UPS and battery brands.

Booth #404

Learn how integrating iOS & Android apps into your day-to-day will save you time and money.

Booth #700

Easy-to-use, low-cost remote monitoring solutions

Booth #833

MultiTherm Coils can accommodate a customer's heating or cooling requirements.

Booth #733

Providing facility and floor care solutions for over 20 years.

Booth #111

NFRC helps people compare energy performance for windows.

Booth #723

The voice of the fire sprinkler industry since 1905.

Booth #822

NRCA provides valuable education and training on roof repair, maintenance and more.

Booth #315

Energy efficient products

Booth #225

WestSuite® Waterproofing Coatings

Booth #806

Web Based Facilities Management Software.

Booth #128

Facility Manager Certification (Education)

Booth #432


Booth #622

Hot taps, line stops, pipe freezing,valve insertion,welding.

Booth #415

The premier live event producer for the facility management industry.

Booth #823

North American is a nationwide contractor specializing in installing and servicing commercial roofing systems.

Booth #813

Experts at maximizing safety to mitigate risks in all industries.

Booth #328

Hands-on industrial skills training provided in 2-5 day courses.

Booth #107

LED retrofit lighting

Booth #507

ORR designs, installs and services fire alarm, detection and suppression systems.

Booth #702

Self powered wireless sensor technology and cloud based energy management.

Booth #425

Zoomlock™ braze-free fittings and SMART Service Tools P-T wireless sensors.

Booth #610

Waterproof wall panels, waterproof ceiling tiles, wall protection systems.

Booth #800

BACnet Building Management System Advanced Workstation and SCADA Software Provider.

Booth #306

Generator installation, service, maintenance & rental.

Booth #209

Cellular amplification and public safety systems for buildings.

Booth #816

Preparation & installation of resinous concrete floor coatings and resurfacing.

Booth #323

PropertyTRAK - a web-based CMMS for Service Requests & Work Orders, Projects, Asset Mgmt & ERP Plans

Booth #528

Flood protection made simple. EzDam, flood doors and barriers.

Booth #715

ReachMaster - Our lifts get you to your height destination!

Booth #524

SureSeal® - The Eco-Water savings alternative to Trap Primers

Booth #515

ReechCraft manufactures durable, portable, and modular aerial work platforms.

Booth #429

RetroLock – The Premier Design Build Door Hardware Manufacturer and Supplier.

Booth #701

LED lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, government, and multifamily applications

Booth #115

Built For Those Who Know.

Booth #722

Industry Leader in Asphalt/Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance and Management.

Booth #630

Rust-Oleum is a global leader in rust preventive and decorative coatings.

Booth #414

Electrical Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Electrical Safety Assessments, Training & Education.

Booth #232

Booth #601

Schneider Electric offers a wide range of flexible and scalable solutions - from room to cloud - for any size building.

Booth #206

Solid plastic toilet partitions, showers, lockers, vanities & benches.

Booth #624

Hinges and geared continuous hinges for high-traffic doors, new or retrofit.

Booth #608

Smart building solution that wirelessly monitors and optimizes facility performance.

Booth #811

Industrial IoT gateway, router and cloud solutions for facilities management.

Booth #523

Wherever we work, our dedication to making every day a better day for individuals and organizations comes from one goal - to positively improve Quality of Life.

Booth #703

Maintenance management software

Booth #629

Square Scrub is the leader in orbital cleaning technology.

Booth #301

Service, maintenance, and installation of automatic pedestrian doors.

Booth #720

Providing cleaner-Healthier environments through best in class carpet cleaning.

Booth #805

Flexible power distribution solutions.

Booth #224

Steril-Aire UVGI (Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation) energy solutions. 10+Icon

Booth #501

Sunbelt Rentals boasts the industry's largest collection of facilities maintenance equipment.

Booth #825

Chemical free water treatment systems to control scale and corrosion.

Booth #201

Manufacturer of commercial and industrial vehicles since 1949.

Booth #431

Mosquito, exclusion work, bird work, termite and pest control.

Booth #730

Azzier CMMS/EAM - a new era in CMMS.

Booth #411

Providing value based testing solutions for professionals technicians worldwide.

Booth #221

Newly re-engineered low pressure drop y-strainer provides significant energy savings.

Booth #621

Maintenance Management Software and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Booth #211

TownSteel - A full line manufacturer of Architectural Builders Hardware.

Booth #731

Facility maintenance and epoxy flooring products

Booth #724

Become a U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Facility Manager.

Booth #333

Tiger Dams, flood mitigation.

Booth #132

Transforming the way our buildings are designed, constructed, and operated through LEED.

Booth #420

Commercial cleaning products and equipment.

Booth #210

Single-ply roofing membrane systems and accessories.

Booth #102

VFS provides life safety services nationally that include fire sprinklers, fire alarm and security.

Booth #711

Our HVAC controls systems offer scalability, flexibility and additional functionality while achieving excellent energy savings.

Booth #430

Security and Communication Solutions.

Booth #714

Commercial & industrial door service, repair, replacement.

Booth #114

The world leader in moisture meter and moisture measurement solutions.

Booth #728

Water monitoring

Booth #220

Roofing, asphalt sealcoat

Booth #321

Whittaker, America's Leading Carpet Cleaning System

Booth #122

Exterior and Interior Commercial Lighting and Controls.

Booth #801

Smart Solutions for Smarter Facilities.

Booth #710

Zinc is a secure, full-featured mobile messaging platform built to connect employees in the field and in the office.


Interested In Exhibiting?

Get your products, services and solutions in front of the individuals who matter most – including executive level decision-makers, building owners, property managers, VPs, facility managers, energy managers andengineering managers.


Exhibiting at NFMT Vegas provides you with a rare opportunity to have one on one conversations with executive-level decision makers, listen to their needs and provide them with solutions.

2016 Exhibit Space Pricing:
$33.00 per sq. ft.

10' x 10' = $3,300
10' x 20' = $6,600
20' x 20' = $13,200

Exhibit Space includes:

Company & Product Listings in the official Event Directory

Exhibit Staff Badges with access to the education sessions

Post – Event attendee registrant mailing list

Printed & Electronic Guest Invitations

24 Hour Expo Hall Perimeter Security

7" X 44" Company Identification Sign

Standard 8 ft. Backwall Drape and 3 ft. Side Rail Drape

Exhibitor Lounge On-Site

**Furnishings, electrical services or drayage are not included with your exhibit space**

Exhibitor Resource Section

Exhibitor Alert

Beware of Tradeshow Scam Artists

It has been brought to our attention that scam artists, fraudulent companies and vendors not contracted by event management have been targeting exhibitors participating in tradeshows across the country. Be aware of companies posing as vendors for the event that are not contracted by event management. Some scams include housing, directory listings, and onsite services. NFMTVegas is owned and organized by Trade Press Media Group and ROC Exhibitions Inc. If you are contacted by any outside company you find suspicious or are unsure whether they are a legitimate authorized vendor for this event, please contact Theresa Urbancyzk and if possible include any e-mail communication you received from this vendor.

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Exhibitor Success Resource Center

Times are changing fast. Exhibiting costs are rising. Attendee behaviors are shifting. Executive management is pressing you for tradeshow cost justification and ROI. And, if you’re like most, you haven’t received a single hour of formal exhibiting education, and don’t have a lot of time to seek it out.

NFMT’s Exhibitor Success & ROI Center is you and your entire staff’s FREE, on-demand, 24/7 exhibiting knowledge resource to give you answers to your most pressing exhibiting challenges, expand your exhibiting know-how, and improve your company’s exhibiting performance and ROI. Three easy ways to find the information, answers, and solutions you need to keep up and stay ahead:

1. Live & Re-playable Webinars:

Building Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic:
How to Attract Enough of the Right Attendees to Your NFMT Exhibit

Competition for attendees’ time in the exhibit hall is fierce. The battle is won in the days and weeks leading up to show time. Today, no exhibitor of any size can afford to just show up and hope the right attendees find their exhibit. Register today to join preeminent tradeshow expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, who will walk you through an eight-step pre-show marketing planning process that will put your company “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of enough of the right NFMT attendees. Watch Now

NFMT New Exhibitor Web-Briefing:
How to Have a Positive, Productive and Profitable Exhibiting Experience

The NFMT management team wants to make sure all new exhibiting companies have a positive, productive and profitable experience. As part of our commitment to providing maximum exhibitor value, we require all new exhibitors to participate in an educational exhibitor webinar. NFMT staff and tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, will share important show and attendee information, along with useful knowledge and practical exhibiting skills critical to help ensure your company’s success. Watch Now

2. "How-to" Exhibiting Article Series:

3. "Ask the Tradeshow Expert" Q&A:

NFMT has made special arrangements with Jefferson Davis, America’s leading expert on trade show success. You can submit questions on any exhibiting topic. Mr. Davis will respond personally within 48 hours.

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Audio Visual
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Food & Beverage
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Staging & Lighting
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Truss & Rigging
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2017 NFMTOrlando Space Selection Information

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Exhibitors are able to select their 2017 space location during the 2016 event. Each exhibitor is assigned a 2017 Space Selection appointment time.

NFMTOrlando 2017
November 14 - 15, 2017
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL

2017 Pricing: $34.00 per sq. ft.
10’ x 10’ = $3,400.00
10’ x 20’ = $6800.00
20’ x 20’ = $13,600.00

Onsite space selection for 2017 NFMTOrlando requires a 50% deposit, by credit card or company check. This requirement is intended to help insure the integrity of the space selection process and will apply to exhibit space and sponsorships. I you have any questions, your Exhibitor Account Executive will be happy to discuss them with you.

Laurie Vega
Accounts A – B plus numeric companies
P: 414-228-7701 Ext 482
F: 414-228-1134

Jodi Denton
Accounts C and E – K
P: 414-228-7701 Ext 449
F: 414-228-1134

Lucy Kaufmann
Accounts D and L – P
P: 414-228-7701 Ext 477
F: 414-228-1134

Debbie Hanamann
Accounts Q – Z
P: 414-228-7701 Ext 305
F: 920-330-9981