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Alvis G. Robinson Jr.,
Building and Grounds Maintenance Superintendent, Greenville Utilities Commission

QuickFire Sessions

Join leading equipment and service providers for 20 minute presentation directly on the expo hall floor. These rapid-fire presentations designed to get you up to speed with the latest technology and trends from the vendors directly.

2019 line-up available in November 2018.


QuickFire Schedule

Tuesday, March 20

12:30 PM
Facilities of the Future: Integrating Intelligent Solutions

Facilities of the future are today's challenge! Over the past few years, Facility Management has been flooded with technology systems, such as IoT, in an attempt to modernize/automate data collection. But one challenge still remains, how do we securely collect, process, and prioritize data to make REAL-TIME decisions? Are you managing your facility or are you reacting to the past? Time is always ticking, and the FUTURE is now.
Speakers: Rick Stuart - Vision Technologies, Inc., Douglas Jefferson - Singhal & Company, Inc., Michael Willette - ARCHIBUS, and David Doll - OSIsoft

Vision Technologies

1:00 PM
Stop the Gaps: Why Mobile Facilities Solutions Are the Future

Poor productivity and failure to be prepared for emergencies are two of the biggest hurdles for facilities teams. Industry insights gathered in 2017 bear this out; 86% of facilities teams are not prepared for catastrophes because their building information is incomplete, unorganized, and unavailable on mobile devices. In this QuickFire session, attendees learn that with best practices, strong implementation, and reliable technology, facilities teams improve both daily productivity and emergency responsiveness.
Speaker: Todd Moore

1:30 PM
Got Risk? View, Track and Manage All of Your Fire and Life Safety Inspection Reports With Ease

VFS Fire & Security Services is a full-service fire and life safety company. Our inspection program called LiNC brings together State-of-the-Art technology and first-rate customer service. We will show you how LiNC keeps it SIMPLE and make it effortless for our clients to manage all their inspection reports whether they have a single facility, or an entire portfolio of properties nationwide. View, Track and Manage all your facilities' inspection reports in seconds!
Speaker: John Solonynko

2:00 PM
The Age of Integrated Actionable Data

Today's modern building environments have become smarter. Facility assets and systems have evolved toward communicating data based on operational and nonoperational activities. Historically, they have been speaking their own language with no ability to be heard or better yet understood. If you were to ask them how they are feeling today, how would they communicate their thoughts? Better yet, how can they ask for help? Wouldn't it be great if these assets/systems could communicate what is wrong at the exact moment they are not feeling well? Imagine a "universal interpreter" that allows them to tell their side of the story…a story that personnel can interact with to help provide the correct care. Enter the age of Integrated Actionable Data.
Speaker: Greg Perry

2:30 PM
Innovating Maintenance and Testing Technologies for Emergency Lighting

The US Life Safety Code obligates building owners/managers, in relation to Emergency lighting and Exit signs, to ensure the safe evacuation of occupants in an emergency. Complying with Safety Code requirements can be very expensive and labor intensive, especially in large building where testing requires many labor hours spent manually inspecting every emergency light. However computerized monitoring system has been designed to enable maintenance personnel to easily maintain the emergency lighting system without having to walk through the building.
Speaker: Matt Lenuzza

3:00 PM
Drones and IoT as a Component of Industry Leading Facilities Management

Drones have enabled a new way to literally take facility management to new heights. They have now become a key sensor and component of Internet of Things (IoT) data, which facility managers are also beginning to leverage for preventive maintenance. Join this QuickFire to hear how Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management has addressed the unique demands of FM organizations through embedded capabilities and opportunities to extend the breadth of the application with integrated technologies like drones.
Speaker: Mike Stone

Wednesday, March 21

11:30 AM
How Increased Connectivity Is Disrupting Building Automation Platforms

The same trends that are ushering in disruption throughout all industries - connectivity, customer-centricity, and generational preferences - are shaping the definition of what makes a building automation system project successful in today's market.
Speakers: Kurt Gokbudak

12:00 PM
IoT Building Automation and Security

Building Automation using Internet of Things (IoT) technology is being accepted by facility managers at a rapid rate. These highly flexible systems provide local and remote access to HVAC and other building controls at a much lower cost than traditional building automation systems. This session will explore IoT BAS in both cloud and local network configurations, and the network security implications with each deployment solution.
Speaker: Jerry Drew

12:30 PM
The 3 Things That High Performing Facilities Managers Do

In this session we will share what sets the most effective facilities managers apart from their peers. We will provide real life examples of what we've learned from top Facilities Management teams from improving day-to-day operations to optimizing internal and contractor performance. "
Speaker: Priyanka Kalia

1:00 PM
The Silicone Solution

Cost effective, fast, and durable alternative solutions to costly water mitigation repairs in the building envelope and roof. Water intrusion and mitigation repairs cost owners staggering amounts of money each year, but they don't have to. Alternative solutions using silicone may provide better value by supplying decades of benefits at a fraction of the cost.
Speaker: Carl Ward

1:30 PM
You CAN Make Voltage Measurements Without Test Leads!

Would it be safer if you could make voltage measurements without requiring access to metallic contact points? Well, with the new T6 Electrical Tester from Fluke now you can! Fluke Engineers have developed a new technology called FieldSense which allows you to make voltage measurements safer, easier and faster! All without needing access to metallic contact point. Stop by and let us explain this new technology to you and take part in a live demonstration!
Speaker: Sean Silvey

2:00 PM
Steam System Optimization

The benefits of optimizing steam systems including proper applications of steam traps, knowledge of how to identify working steam traps, and solutions to maximize safety, time and money.
Speaker: Glen Kelly


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2018 Exhibitors


Exhibiting Company
Booth #
Video Showcase
Booth: 2541
Professional building surveyors producing expert floorplans — PDF, 3D models.

Booth: 2247
Flood Restoration, Structural Drying.

Booth: 1503
Variable frequency drives for fan and pump speed control.

Booth: 1943
Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, Roof Restoration, SPF Roofing Systems.

Booth: 2043
CDC Anti-Clog #1 Preventative maintenance condensate drain pan treatment.

Booth: 2441
Components for wet and dry-pipe fire sprinkler systems.

Booth: 2428
Aerial work platforms.

Booth: 2034
Temporary HVAC. American engineered. American made. Sales and Rentals. 10 Plus Years Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2501
CAT generators, UPS, ATS, Switchgear and service. 10 Plus Years Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2548
Custom "invisible" storms for historic, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Booth: 2567
Altyno allows you to renovate with ZERO Downtime and save money!

Booth: 1715
Solutions for Energy Efficiency, Lighting,controls,monitoring,EV and more.

Booth: 2143
Steam Trap Survey and Repairs.

Booth: 1724
Manufacturer of synchronized wired, wireless and IP network clocks.

Booth: 1710
Manufacturer of interior and exterior sign systems.

Booth: 1935
High performance glass, windows, curtain wall, storefront and entrances.

Booth: 1838
Packaged terminal air conditioners, PTAC,PTHP.

Booth: 2318
Mobile apps and solutions for the entire building lifecycle. e-arc.com

Booth: 2518
Conversion of paper documents and drawings into digitized formats.

Booth: 2242
Coating and sealer products for a variety of applications/finishes.

Booth: 2449
High Performance Door Systems.

Booth: 1608
Division 10, commercial washroom accessories, hand dryers, baby stations, toilet partitians and visual display products.

Booth: 1907
The global leader in door opening solutions.

Booth: 2201
Building automation systems and energy management. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2120
Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management platform.

Booth: 2021
Evaporative cooling towers, fluid coolers, condensers, ice thermal storage.

Booth: 1402
Water chemistry and water hygiene solutions.

Booth: 2134
BASF ELASTOSPRAY® SPF Roofing System and WALLTITE® Air Barrier System.

Booth: 2367
Fire, smoke, water restore.

Booth: 2527
Belimo is a world leader in the design, manufacture & marketing of damper actuators & control valve assemblies used in commercial HVAC.

Booth: 2360
Solutions to Bird Control problems across the country. Results guaranteed.

Booth: 2045
Energy savings power transmission V-belts.

Booth: 2112
Total Fire Protection — MD, DC, VA, NC, SC, DE, PA.

Booth: 2013
Solve repair and maintenance needs with The Blue Book Network.

Booth: 2467
Full service electrical contractor Testing, Maintenance, Lighting, Construction, Arc Flash.

Booth: 2568
BULLDOG Fluid Applied Roof Membranes and FREE ROOF ANALYSIS available.

Booth: 2129
Busch Systems is recycling made simple.

Booth: 2533
Glass and storefront construction and repair. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2301
Carrier is the world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Booth: 2353
North America's largest full service commercial roofing and flooring contractor.

Booth: 2446
CWP specializes in providing turn-key recycling programs and zero waste consulting.

Booth: 2138
Industrial water treatment, Legionella programs. 10 Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 1921
Solar, security and decorative window films. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2421
Sealants & adhesives.

Booth: 2346
FILTERSCAN®WiFi remote, data driven insight to every commercial air filter.

Booth: 2107
Gas, electric, diesel utility and transportation vehicles.

Booth: 1720
Replacement water source heat pumps.

Booth: 2164
Complete maintenance and repair to fire hydrants and post indicator valves.

Booth: 2037
Facility operations and maintenance services.

Booth: 2214
Connectivity simplified with Connectrac In-Carpet and On-Floor wireways.

Booth: 2261
CS creates products that solve building challenges around the world.

Booth: 1737
Freeze protection for hot water, cold water and steam coils.

Booth: 1615
CPower Energy Management is a demand-side energy company.
Booth: 1949
Distributor of security hardware, locksmith supplies and detention hardware.

Booth: 2243
Power generation sales and service.

Booth: 1829
Utility and personnel vehicles, electric, gas and diesel.

Booth: 2207
Remanufactured office systems from the industry leaders.

Booth: 2452
Detex Corporation manufactures world-class security and door hardware for all applications.

Booth: 2545
Surge Protection for Security and Life Safety Systems.

Booth: 2547
Commercial door hardware.

Booth: 2241
We clean air ducts, dryer vents, exhaust stacks and more.

Booth: 2365
Air Duct Cleaning, HVAC Restoration, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Exhaust Cleaning.

Booth: 2234
Single-Ply Roofing Membrane & Accessories.

Booth: 2531
Easi File: the World's Best Large Document Storage System.

Booth: 1843
Ecoglo is a photoluminescent path marking and way finding system which meets the emergency egress requirements mandated by IBC, IFC and NFPA.

Booth: 2401
Fire alarm, mass notification, hazard warning and intercom solutions.

Booth: 1722
Full range of drain and sewer cleaning equipment for the maintenance professional. Water jetters and inspection cameras.

Booth: 1716
The leader in power monitoring and smart grid solutions.

Booth: 2556
National A/E consulting firm providing capital planning services.

Booth: 2340
Maintenance software designed by maintenance people. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2345
Why Repipe? Avoid the mess. We fix pipes IN-PLACE.

Booth: 2229
Ethosource is a nationwide provider of intelligent and innovative office furniture and related services.

Booth: 2462
Extrutech Plastics, providing sanitary wall and ceiling panels since 1992.

Booth: 2447
Provider of computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) and services.
Booth: 1723
Seaman Corporation's FiberTite®, is a premier single-ply roofing system.

Booth: 2341
Fire and Life Safety testing/inspections and preventive maintenance services.

Booth: 2215
Fire protection systems, inspection and repair services.

Booth: 1814
Maintenance/engineering carts designed to provide an extremely efficient work method.

Booth: 2319
Troubleshoot smarter, faster, safer with new FLIR IGM™ T&M tools.

Booth: 1816
Professional grade industrial floor coatings - now supporting facility self-install.

Booth: 1920
Electronic test tools and condition monitoring solutions.

Booth: 2329
FreeAxez is a whole-building cable management system. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 1403
Housekeeping system encased in education, training, and unmatched product performance.

Booth: 2273
High-performance roofing and maintenance solutions. 10YrIcon

Booth: 2342
SAFETY-Passive fall protection for rooftops, loading docks, and in-plant areas.

Booth: 1945
Silicone sealants and coatings for water proofing and sealing roofs and building envelopes.

Booth: 1601
General Pipe Cleaners manufactures a full line of drain cleaning machinery.

Booth: 2537
A turnkey lighting retrofit company specializing in energy audits and design, retrofit installation.

Booth: 2440
World's leading provider of construction cost data, software and services.

Booth: 2048
Private utility locating and concrete scanning.

Booth: 1834
Commercial and Specialty Roofing Contractor.

Booth: 2566
Boiler & cooling water, process water, potable water treatment, filtration.

Booth: 2260
Anti-icing and de-icing equipment and parts.

Booth: 2252
Quality commercial door hardware with exceptional customer service.

Booth: 2461
Commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning and refrigerator services. Generator and boiler maintenance, repair and overhaul work.

Booth: 2160
Pest Control, termite control, nuisance wild life control, bed bug service.

Booth: 2569
Legionella Water System Flow Diagrams, ASHRAE 188, CMS MEMO S&C 17-30.

Booth: 1520
Smart water management.

Booth: 1714
Certifying professionals in fire life safety and testing, adjusting and balancing.

Booth: 2053
Security hardware distributor (Door hardware, lock devices, locksmithing tools, CCTV, Safes, Electronic Security hardware).

Booth: 2141
Air duct cleaning, Hood & kitchen equipment cleaning, industrial cleaning.

Booth: 1704
Lighting sensors.

Booth: 2519
ISES Corporation provides Facilities Condition Assessments and other facilities services.

Booth: 1824
item is the developer, producer of the original modular aluminum system.

Booth: 2535
Fire and security consulting.

Booth: 1703
Aerial Work Platforms.

Booth: 2029
Johnson Controls is creating a data-driven revolution for buildings.

Booth: 1847
Luxury vinyl flooring.

Booth: 2412
America's Premier Key Management Systems. Key management, simplified.

Booth: 2500
Kidde Fire Systems is a global leader in fire suppression.

Booth: 2472
Waterproofing and Flooring systems, tailored to meet your needs.

Booth: 2244
Industrial staffing.

Booth: 1422
Commercial access solutions and accessories.

Booth: 2413
LED Lighting supplier and installer. Site surveys, rebate processing, financing.

Booth: 2515
Security publications.

Booth: 2543
M3T is a veteran-owned small business offering integrated security solutions.

Booth: 1702
Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).

Booth: 2445
Electrical and Mechanical Industrial hands-on training.

Booth: 2513
Mortise, cylindrical, tubular locksets, stand-alone access control, hospital anti lig locksets.

Booth: 2528
Marley Engineered Products® is a designer and manufacturer of reliable comfort heating and ventilation solutions for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

Booth: 2442
Master Locators is a private utility locating company providing support for subsurface utility engineering, concrete scanning, vacuum excavation, and ccfv pipe inspections.

Booth: 2042
Custom designed breathable floor matting in unlimited sizes and shapes.

Booth: 2218
Mobile-Shop professional maintenance systems.

Booth: 1801
We specialize in data acquisition, protocol conversion and remote monitoring.

Booth: 2525
BAC cooling towers, Lakos, Incom. 10 Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2557
HVAC coils, heat exchangers, tube bundles and heat transfer fluids.

Booth: 2314
HVAC water treatment, water safety management plans.

Booth: 2466
Air conditioning and refrigeration replacement components.

Booth: 2540
Voice of the Fire Sprinkler Industry.

Booth: 2147
Freshly filtered, instantly chilled water on demand.

Booth: 1611
Condensing tankless water heaters, boilers, and combi-boilers.

Booth: 1504
Stand-alone, fee-free, comprehensive, IoT Building Automation solutions.

Booth: 2328
Manufacturer of Grippy Floormat.

Booth: 2418
Hands-on training designed to maintain a safe and skilled workforce.

Booth: 2436
NUUO is a global manufacturer of video surveillance recording solutions.

Booth: 1617
Water Coolers and fountains, bottle fillers and dehumidifiers.

Booth: 2369
Flow meters and BTU meters.

Booth: 2020
Manufacturer of high efficient LED lighting.

Booth: 2229
ORR provides fire protection systems and related services for mission-critical businesses.

Booth: 2549
Manufacturer of specialty door and fixed window systems.

Booth: 2038
Safe-T-Nose® photo-luminescent "Glow-in-the-dark" nosing and REVERSE™ photo-luminescent exit sign upgrade.

Booth: 1609
Parking BOXX offers parking control solutions, parking equipment and management software.

Booth: 2468
24-hour fire, water, mold, emergency disaster services. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 1937
A pour in place flexible and Porous surfacing material.

Booth: 2536
Fire sprinkler system corrosion prevention: Nitrogen Generators, air vents, wet-inerting.

Booth: 1401
Power Pusher's pedestrian-operated, battery-powered, motorized tugs safely push or pull heavy wheeled or semi-wheeled loads.

Booth: 2464
For over 35 years, Powerhouse has solved the steam and hot water needs of companies worldwide with the world's largest inventory of Portable Boiler Rooms.

Booth: 2142
Trip hazard.

Booth: 2414
Flood Doors and Flood Wall Barriers. Solutions that hold water.

Booth: 1620
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Booth: 1616
Innovative fan solutions for Air Handling Units.

Booth: 1939
Advanced electric submeters remotely-readable via PLC, RS232, RS485, or MODBUS.

Booth: 2246
High quality, affordable and energy-efficient LED Lighting.

Booth: 2269
Commercial Irrigation systems. Cloud-based Central Controls. Remote Water Management.

Booth: 1839
RCI Technologies filterless fuel purification and recirculation products.

Booth: 1502
SureSeal floor drain trap sealer, and other plumbing products.

Booth: 1800
Access equipment, power lifts.

Booth: 2313
We specialize in the design and manufacture of building controls.

Booth: 2153
Full service disaster restoration, energy, engineering and commissioning.

Booth: 1517
RIDGID manufactures more than 300 innovative tools for the professional.

Booth: 1820
Engineering, design, and technical consulting strategies for the built environment.

Booth: 2135
Raised floors, leak detection and facility monitoring.

Booth: 1614
State-of-the-ART Tablet Carrying Solutions.

Booth: 1946
Roof Safety Hatches, Automatic Hatch Openers, Railings & Fall Protection.

Booth: 2419
Manufacturer of protective cages, covers, alarms and buttons.

Booth: 2253
Access Control & Electronic Locks.

Booth: 1708
Sapling provides state-of-the-art synchronized clock systems.

Booth: 2039
Energy Management Firm: Electric Metering, Energy Management Software, Professional Services.

Booth: 1602
User friendly integrated solution for optimized building performance.

Booth: 2444
Instant Power Professional. The Drain Experts.

Booth: 2448
Continuous geared hinges for high traffic doors, new or retrofit.

Booth: 2115
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Booth: 2534
24/7/365 Water, Smoke Restoration, Biohazard cleanup, Mold Remediation and testing.

Booth: 2434
FASTER TO ANY SIZE DISASTER. Like it never even happened.®

Booth: 2061
Asphalt paving, storm water management installation and repair, concrete work for sidewalks and ADA compliant ramps, sinkhole remediation, retaining wall construction and infrastructure improvements for all utilities.

Booth: 1511
Site 1001 offers a mobile, location-based FM platform.

Booth: 2119
Ticketless valet/Mobile payment processing technology.

Booth: 2347

Booth: 2144
Facilities, construction, energy, grounds, custodial services.

Booth: 1515
Solid Waste solutions equipment for reduction of waste handling; reduction of costs equipment designed for handling solutions; from compactors to entrainable carts.

Booth: 2343
Corrosion Solutions for Dry, Preaction and Wet Fire Protection Systems.

Booth: 2469
Provides Total Legionella Control to prevent outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease.

Booth: 2152
Doors and entrance systems.

Booth: 1942
Solar Financer, EPC.

Booth: 2024
Benefit from national expertise/buying power the leading facility supplier.

Booth: 1516
Flexible power distribution solutions.

Booth: 1508
Steadyrack, the ideal vertical bike parking, bike storage solution.

Booth: 2520
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation(UVGI).

Booth: 1725
Sto Corp: air and moisture barriers, EIFS, stucco, finishes and coatings.

Booth: 2036
StructureCare® Mitigates Risk and Maximizes Service Life of Parking Garages.

Booth: 1701
Design, manufacture, install, test fall protection equipment.

Booth: 1709
Get it done. Rent it now, from Sunbelt Rentals.
Booth: 1924
Office furniture - cubicles, chairs, benching systems, desks, conference tables.

Booth: 1739
SSI provides design, installation, service of many fire protection systems.

Booth: 1837
MOBILE workstations, benching systems, height adjustable stations, conference hubs.

Booth: 2236

Booth: 2453
Tecta America is a full service commercial roofing contractor.

Booth: 2051
OSHA compliant telescoping ladders for maintenance.

Booth: 2146
Temporary HVAC rental services since 1965. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2546
Hand-held test, measurement and vibration equipment.

Booth: 1815
Teupen North America is the leading global manufacturer of compact tract lifts.

Booth: 2572
Water treatment, food grade, deicing, agricultural salt & brine systems.

Booth: 2352
A leading wholesale distributor for the security industry.

Booth: 2124
Maintenance Management Software.

Booth: 2368
Pavement Preservation Specialists. 10 Plus Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2553
Manufacturing, contract builders of hardware and access control products.

Booth: 2047
Commercial roofing and restoration systems.

Booth: 2420
Generator & load bank docking stations, portable power cable & distribution.

Booth: 2373
Fire and water restoration. Emergency services. 10 Year Exhibitor Icon

Booth: 2235
Wholesale lighting supplier, turnkey lighting projects.

Booth: 1938
Recycling hazardous and universal waste.

Booth: 1721
Versico manufactures premium single-ply roofing systems.

Booth: 1936
Fire and Life Safety Testing, Maintenance & Construction Services.

Booth: 2544
Fire sprinklers, valves and systems foam products, special hazards and suppression systems, etc.

Booth: 1303
Real time non-invasive water monitoring and leak detection.

Booth: 1735
Easy to use solutions for a variety of maintenance needs.

Booth: 1627
WearMax Ceramic Floor Coatings.

Booth: 2528
Weil-Mclain is a designer and manufacturer of hydronic comfort heating systems for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

Booth: 1829
Utility and personnel vehicles, electric, gas and diesel.

Booth: 1825
Fire, alarm, life safety, locksmith and systems integration — Since 1978.

Booth: 2035
Electricity, natural gas, renewable energy and green products.

Booth: 2521
Fan Coils, Water Source Heat Pumps, Aftermarket Parts.

Booth: 1900
Modular Buildings, Security Applications, Storage Containers, In-plant Offices, Mezzanines, lease and sell.

Booth: 2150
Your complete source for investigating and installing building exterior systems, providing solutions in masonry restoration, waterproofing, sealants, air/vapor barrier systems, coatings and mew masonry.

Booth: 1727
Facilities, work orders, asset tracking, capital projects, real estate.

Booth: 2443
Floor mats, gloves, safety vest, MRO supplies.

Booth: 1603
Energy management software.

Booth: 2240
Battery testers — pulse load.